Remedies for fungal nail infection

A fungal infection on the nail should be treated as early as possible. If one initiates a treatment at an early stage it is usually easier to cure the infection, since it then has not had the opportunity to establish itself as decisively as in later stages. If one waits too long with treatment, the fungal infection has plenty of time to root itself and is more difficult to treat.

Fungal nail infections are generally considered to be sparingly affected by treatment and therefore it may take a considerable amount of time and patience to remedy fungal infections of the nails. A treatment can often span over a period of several months. If one suffer from mild or moderate discomfort from fungal nail infection, it is worth trying non-prescription drugs in an attempt to cure the fungal infection.

There is a multitude of different remedies and medications to use for treating difficulties with fungal nail infections.

1 In mild to moderate cases, try non-prescription remedies and solutions; for example, Naturasil is a good remedy against fungal nail infections.

2 If you have tried non-prescription remedies without success or, if the discomfort is serious, there are prescription tablets and medications that can be put to use against the infection.

Non-prescription remedies
They come in two main varieties, and are in most cases applied locally on affected areas. They work by inhibiting the fungal growth or by containing a fungicidal component.

By suppressing the fungal invasion, the nail may retain a more normal appearance and, because of its reduced extent, the infection may be more easily cured. Non-prescription treatments are best suited for mild to moderate issues of fungal nail infections, or in instances where entire nails are not affected.

Non-prescription cures are applied to fungus infected nails through solutions such as nail polish or in the form of creams and ointments. Solutions that are stroked onto the nails are often called medicinal nail polish.

Some common and popular remedies for fungal nail infections are Naturasil, Claripro, Nalox and loceryl, to name a few of many available products.

Prescription remedies
For extended difficulties, prescription remedies with strong fungicidal agents are used. A suitable treatment is formulated in consultation with a doctor, after a diagnosis has been established. The length of the treatment may vary.

In many cases, a tablet remedy containing fungicidal medication is prescribed over a period of approximately 6 weeks for fingernails and 3 months for toenails. The drug that is used against the fungal infection often contains terbinafine hydrochloride.

Even if prescription preparations are potent, it can be difficult to get rid of extended issues of fungal nail infections. There is quite a high risk of re-infection and, in 50% of cases, the infection returns within a month.